User Manual
Table of Contents

I. Overview

II. Software

  1. Product List
  2. Product Download
  3. Product Orders

III. Administration

  1. Setting Up Your Account
  2. Account Administration




User Manual

The download service has been designed to help IT professionals effectively manage their software through a secure, personalized website. Some of the features available are current and previous versions of software and delegated administration.


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The Solution

The basic service is quite simple. Once you locate the software that you want, you can begin downloading it by simply clicking a link on a web page. Any authorized users within your organization have 24x7 access to all versions of your software. And if you need it, the “Older Versions” tab gives you access to previous versions of your software.


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User Manual

Product List

The "Product List" page shows all of the product lines to which your account is entitled. Clicking on a product takes you to that product's "Product Information" page. If you do not have access to multiple products, you will be forwarded directly to the "Product Information" page.


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Product Information

The "Product Information" page is a second level page that gives you more information about what you have purchased. If the product you select is a suite made up of a number of individual products, those products will be listed and you can click on them to get to the individual component's "Product Information" pages.


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Accessing Your Software

The “New Versions” tab shows the current version(s) of the software. Sometimes, it will show more than one version number, for example, because different platforms of the software are at different version levels. Click on the item you want to download or view online, and you will be taken to the "Product Download" page.

The “Older Versions” tab allows you to access previous versions of your software. It will show you all the prior versions to which you're entitled, dating back to the effective date of your order. As above, clicking on the name of the product will take you to the "Product Download" page.

Note: The “Older Versions” tab will only appear if you have previous versions of the software available to you.


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License Agreement

In some cases you may be presented with a "click-wrap" license agreement that requires you to read and agree to certain terms and conditions regarding the installation and use of your software before you are allowed to access the "Product Download" page.


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Locating the Date of Availability

In addition to the version number and product name, the "Product Information" page shows the date available. This lets you know when the item was made available to you. In the case of software updates, this is usually within 24-48 hours of the software release.


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Product Download

The "Product Download" page is accessed from the "Product Information" page. From the "Product Download" page, you can download software, release notes, documentation, etc. The "Product Download" page also gives you access to information about your software.


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Download Methods

HTTPS: This browser-based method uses encrypted Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTPS) to download files.

Mass Download: This applet-based download manager allows you to select multiple files to download at once. All files are saved to a single location on your machine. Note: This feature is only available if Mass Download has been enabled. Download Manager: Provides the ability for you to view the entire list of product code under an RCM train/version, or an entire suite of products at the same time, such as Vision. Once on the product page, you may select all or part of the individual files offered and download them without any further navigation.



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How to Download

How to Download To download using the default HTTPS method:

1. Click on the file name. This should open a "Save As..." dialog box.

2. Choose where you would like to save the file and click the "Save" button. (If this does not work as expected, you can right-click on the file name and choose the "Save Link As..." option.)


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Product Search

The Product Search feature enables users of your account to locate available software or documentation by searching for elements of the product description or file name. For example, searching for "unix" to find all versions that include the word "unix" in the product name or description. To use the search function, type the word or phrase for which you wish to search into the text box. The application will return a list of products containing the word(s) you entered. To search for an exact phrase, surround it with quotes (example: "128 bit"). The search function is not case-sensitive, so you do not need to worry about capitalization.


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Product Orders

The Product Orders functionality of your site provides you with valuable information regarding your software orders.


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Order History

The download service includes an archive of your electronically fulfilled orders. The "Order History" page displays a summary listing of your orders including the Entitlement ID, Opportunity ID, Quote Name and Order Date. Clicking on the Entitlement ID takes you to the "Order Detail" page for that Order.


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Order Detail

The "Order Detail" page shows the Product Description, Manufacturer Part Number, and quantity for each line item of the order. Clicking the Download link takes you to the product page for that line item, from which you can choose the platform and version that you want to download.


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User Manual


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Setting Up Your Account

Your account is automatically created when you purchase products. Ongoing purchases across your organization will continue to be consolidated within your personalized site.


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Account Administrator Role

The Account Administrator plays a key role in managing your account, including supporting and facilitating requests from other members of your organization. The Account Administrator role can be fulfilled by one central administrator or can be distributed across multiple administrators in an organization. Ideal candidates for this role are individuals responsible for overseeing software purchases and updates across the enterprise.


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